This February, we launched the Foxquilt Community Pool to give back to our community and were able to give our first grant to Save Our Scruff in Toronto! We want to continue giving back so we are launching our second Share Together, Win Together giveaway to grant $1,000 to one of three charities.

Take action and vote by getting a free quote on your insurance and joining one of the groups below, supporting their nominee.  




Content Creators & Content Lovers

Content Creators and Content Lovers engage with each other in their community every day.
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Health & Fitness Professionals & Lovers


Health & Fitness Professionals and Lovers support, motivate and spot each other.
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Home Professionals & Homeowners 

Home Professionals and Homeowners know finding and setting up the perfect home is a team job. 
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By completing a quote, you will have voted for your group and their organization nominee to win $1,000.


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Foxquilt Community Pool Nominees: