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At AWE Contracts, we support the community of innovative, creative and entrepreneurial Canadians by providing a simple, reliable solution to run their business properly and get affordable legal protection. We're now partnering with Foxquilt to continue supporting our community with a smarter, modern Business Insurance solution and exclusive savings - rewarding you up front, at claim-time and on renewal.

Foxquilt's mission is to empower businesses with tailored Business Insurance that's built for your needs. Their unique online platform is the first in Canada to allow Life Coaches - like you - to purchase Business Insurance all online, in minutes. 

get insured in minutes

 Smarter Business Insurance for Life Coaches



AWE Contracts Savings to Lower Monthly Premiums

By joining other AWE Contracts Life Coaches, you have greater buying power together and therefore deserve savings, up to 35% off for being a part of the AWE Contracts community, on your monthly business insurance premiums.


Smarter, Tailored Business Insurance 

Foxquilt is more than just your insurance company, we’re your advocate. Also, unlike direct companies, we’ll fight for not only better products, tailored to your business's unique needs, and prices to give you choices; but we’ll also be your champion should you have a claim.



Simple, Quick Coverage for AWE Contracts Life Coaches

Insurance should be simple. We’ve created a customized portal for AWE Contracts Life Coaches to get quick quotes online. Our technology and team of insurance experts do the work so you can get your business insured fast.

get insured in minutes