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Commercial Insurance for APSW Builders

Through our partnership, you can save on your business insurance.


America's Preferred Structural Warranty is happy to partner with Foxquilt to provide our builders a trusted business insurance partner. Whether you’re looking for insurance for the first time, or you’re ready for a better insurance experience, Foxquilt is here to help.

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What Makes Foxquilt Different?


Tailored To
Your Business

We offer exclusive policies customized to fit your business needs and goals as a business owner.


Create Your Policy In Just A Few Taps

Our smart technology and team of experts do the work to get you insurance policy options to choose from.


Only Pay For
What You Need

Our quotes let you save up to 35% on your premiums and trim down your policy to only the details that your business needs.

What are Foxquilt's Products?


General Liability


Workers' Compensation


Commercial Auto

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Need Builder's Risk Insurance?

Builder’s risk insurance is a specialized type of property insurance that helps protect buildings under construction. It can cover the premises under construction or renovation, as well as the materials on site, from damage caused by weather conditions, fire, vandalism, theft, and so on. Builder’s risk is only meant to cover the construction stage, and should begin once construction begins. 

Download the form below, fill in your job's details and upload it for a Foxquilt specialist to review and provide a quote. (note: fill form with your contact information)

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Why Do You Need Business Insurance?

Commercial general liability is the cornerstone of business insurance. It protects your business from claims of bodily injury or property damage. It can cover the physical premises of the business (such as that classic parking lot slip and fall), bodily injury (if a customer is injured or harmed by something that you sell), or any property damage either on your own property or at a property where you are performing work.

Your business may have other items that need coverage such as tools and equipment, commercial vehicles, errors and omissions, cyber exposures and more.

Foxquilt is here to help with it all!

Who Needs Business Insurance?

Business insurance is there for you when a client makes a claim that you hurt someone or something, were negligent in your work, you gave bad advice, your property is stolen or damaged, a cyber attack takes aim at your business and/or much more.

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