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If you are “all in” on your small business and your family, you know that a personal or employee health disaster could drain your “sweat equity” in just a few months, not years. That's why Foxquilt and Andy Kovacs of Moments of Truth Insurance Services work together to show you how to insulate yourself and your business from these insurable risks. Andy explains your options in simple language so you can eliminate the financial impact of health disasters. Foxquilt shows you the best options for small business owners.

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Smarter Life Insurance with Andy Kovacs

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 Smarter Business Insurance with Foxquilt



Lower Monthly Premiums

By joining other customers purchasing through Foxquilt, you'll experience up to 35% savings compared to traditional insurance options. Why? Because our setup uniquely allows us to customize your offering, keeping only what you need and leaving behind what you don't.


Smarter, Tailored Business Insurance 

Foxquilt is more than just your insurance company, we’re your advocate. Also, unlike direct companies, we’ll fight for not only better products, tailored to your business's unique needs, and prices to give you choices; but we’ll also be your champion should you have a claim.



Simple, Quick Coverage for Foxquilt Customers

Insurance should be simple. We’ve created a customized portal for Foxquilt customers to get quick quotes online. Our technology and team of insurance experts do the work so you can get your business insured fast.

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